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Reimagine State Fair: Dallas, TX

ASH+LIME worked with South Dallas community not-for-profit Foundation for Community Empowerment (FCE) to produce Reimagine State Fair. The report re-envisions the layout and programming of the annual State Fair of Texas through research into amusement park best practices, placemaking strategies, and user experience optimization. The objective is to show how the State Fair, Fair Park, and surrounding community can benefit from strategic capital investments which would maximize efficiency, profitability, and visitor experience.


CPTED Research, Duany Plater-Zyberk Company (DPZ): Phoenix, Arizona

ASH+LIME created a report on the relationship between Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED - designing places to support safety and security) and the principles of walkable urban communities. For the report, Principal Rik Adamski reviewed various local ordinances to illustrate the incorporation of these concepts into existing codes. The firm made specific recommendations for the client’s neighborhood plans in Phoenix, intended to create a prototype for future projects.

Pedestrian + Bicycle Accident Maps + Report for Fort Worth Police Department: Fort Worth, Texas

Rik Adamski (with the City of Fort Worth at the time) reviewed all Fort Worth traffic accidents for a year to identify those involving pedestrians and bicycle riders. He reviewed the reports, classified all accidents by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards, mapped his findings, and used the data gathered to recommended site-specific improvements to enhance public safety. The information was incorporated into the City’s walkability plan.


Reimagine Fair Park: Dallas, TX

ASH+LIME worked with the group Reimagine Fair Park to coordinate their booth space at Earth Day 2016, the world’s largest event of its kind, in Dallas’ Fair Park. The space consisted of a children’s drawing and play area, public space demonstration, park/neighborhood walking tours and a “Past, Present, and Future” presentation about Fair Park. ASH+LIME coordinated 20 volunteers, led walking tours, collected and analyzed more than 800 public ideas, and proposed designs and programming based on the outreach.


Congress for the New Urbanism, Freeways Without Futures Report: National

Rik Adamski was the primary author of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) 2012 Freeways Without Futures report, a national initiative to convert selected central city freeways into multimodal, economically-productive streets. At that capacity, he created a database of more than 75 urban freeways and used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyze more than 20. He coordinated an advisory board of nationally-prominent planning and transportation professionals in order to create the final list of the 12 primary freeways for removal. 

Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) Housing + Transportation Affordability Toolkit: National

Rik Adamski (with CNT at the time) helped create the structure for the Housing and Transportation Toolkit. The Toolkit was designed to leverage a high-profile existing tool (the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index) to better inform a wide variety of policy decisions. Rik’s contributions to the report included numerous innovative strategies for land banking, streamlined environmental reviews, targeted zoning, tailored impact fees, and allocation of transportation infrastructure.