Place Catalyzation


Assessment of Place

We identify what is there, what is the physical environment defined as and by, what is occuring in the defined uses, and who is engaging in those activities. As a standalone product, the Assessment of Place provides our clients with a high-level overview of their existing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as it pertains to quality of place within a context of desired outcomes that include economic development, increased walkability, heightened connectivity, local business growth, workforce attraction and development, improved social outcomes, and environmental responsibility.

Place Management Services

To ensure that a place remains vibrant and responsive to its users - residents, employees and visitors alike— there must also be a mechanism to continually monitor activity to measure both success and failure in an effort to continually update short and long term place visions. To accomplish these goals, it is essential to have a program in place, supported by both both social capital, including part or full time staff, and reliable financial resources.

Depending upon a place’s physical size, geographic location, and level of programming and activity, Place Management Organizations (“PMOs”) can consist of volunteers, dedicated staff from other organizations, or an umbrella held under the auspices of local government or organizations created for the sole purpose of undertaking place management services. As such, the role of PMOs can be fulfilled by Business Improvement Districts, Chambers of Commerce, held under economic development/planning agencies, redevelopment authorities or Main Street organizations, to name a few.

Strategic Recommendations

In addition to providing an overview and snapshot of where a community/region may stand in regard to furthering social, environment and economic outcomes, the strategic recommendations component provides two key items:

(1) Implementable actions which can be undertaken in the short and mid-term horizon that will provide clear return on investment for local communities, municipalities, and regions and

(2) A set of strategies and tactics to assist in prioritizing future efforts and investment as they pertain to land use, planning & design, transportation & mobility and place-based economic development. This becomes a “roadmap” to determine next steps including potential funding vehicles for desired future efforts that promote an integrated and prioritized long-term integrated approach to all related issues, always with a focus on implementation, market acuity, and return on investment.


Assessment of Place
Strategic Recommendations
Potential Funding Sources


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