Rik Adamski, Principal

Where some see forgotten places, Rik Adamski sees extraordinary opportunities. Years of study and national experience in policies and statistics has defined Rik’s approach in creating efficiency is rooted in community development, resource optimization, and developing incremental steps for approachable solutions.

The Urban Planner and Policy Advisor founded his career through a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, with a concentration of Research and Statistics, at the University of Cincinnati. This passion for information and how individuals affect the greater whole translated into his work running databases and sales prioritization for marketing, real estate research, and nonprofits. Growing his knowledge through both online and in-field research, Rik consulted for the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) to develop and run a campaign to protect national parks.

Concerned by unethical practices in the loss-mitigation industry and inspired by the opportunity to develop a social-good business model, Rik gained his Real-Estate license in Chicago and launched a firm dedicated to helping distressed individuals make the best decisions handling foreclosure scenarios. Those he worked with further engrained Rik’s appreciation of his local urban landscape and the policies that define the human experience. Returning to his Master’s at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Rik dove into Urban Planning and Policy full-time in order to further dissect the implementation and effects of long-established plans on the present day and community structures. These studies created the momentum for Rik’s work with the American Planning Association’s Inquiry Answer Service creating alternative to walk scores, answering inquiries on codes, and helping many understand best practices on planning.

From policies to impact, Rik expanded his portfolio through national projects such as developing tool kits for housing and transportation for the Center of Neighborhood Technology, and running campaigns such as “Highways to Boulevards” with the Congress of New Urbanism. Bringing impact to cities through research and practical strategies, the Planner and Policy Advisor helped redesign policies that were both socially and economically conscious.

A move across the Mason-Dixie line shifted gears for Rik as he began to work in the safety and design sectors of cities. Both the Fort-Worth Police Department and Bowman-Melton utilized his skill sets to manage bicycle and pedestrian safety and define Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

In 2013, Rik paired his extensive portfolio and passion with community leader and economic developer Amanda Popken and Brandon Castillo. Together, they established Ash + Lime to be the leader in planning and design for resource and impact optimization. Three years after launch, the firm has expanded its team and has accomplished neighborhood revitalization and increased community engagement for cities throughout DFW.

Rik Adamaski